'Photography, or the writing of light'

I usually like to think of photography as a piece of light captured in a 'black box', which would stand closely to the original technological artefacts specific to this medium, and more precisely to the physical enclosure of 'camera obscura'. There is slightly more to this process than a simmering of fascination when the action of taking an image does not imply an immediate access to it, and instead it enfolds the 'photographic situation' in a mystery that is to be brought to light after a certain time-lapse, when the photographic film is eventually developed and scanned. This 'game-of-seduction' triggers a different type of creative attitude in the way the decision-making is made by the photographer and has the great ability of suspending certain moments of choice in space and time without suppressing the initial qualities of curiosity and playfulness that made it happen: this elements of incertitude and surprise may well remind of the 'quantic' cat in the box or of any cat that we try to catch the attention of: a 'pss-pss' may well work or not and 'failures' too share a great place in the praxis of analog photography. Nonetheless it wouldn't be much of an over-spill to think of a film roll as of a train's windows as it comes out of a tunnel.

All the photos that are displayed on this section were taken on various types of 35 mm photographic films and uploaded without using any cropping methods, and they represent a selection from over the years.