'highaf' started as an incipient idea late in 2019, extracted from the common playground shared between various diy approaches: analog photography, electronic circuit making, open-word writings from the (n)ear, and wirings of musical machines; to keep myself in tune with whatever triggers would set the mechanisms of wandering alert and loose, mind-bending and quite light-hearted: 'Hackney style' at its core, for its playful turn-arounds, this presentation is a mix of transitory writings, 'fat' analogue images, subtle&punchy digital edits, sketchy sweeps, slashed / audio / tapes, and various things dropped on paper and lifted to the screen.

high¬as¬function: /%interchange /
This website is consistently aimed at the creation of the electronic musical devices that will come to shape the intricate styles of the near future. High times of delving into electronic circuit realms come best delivered via praxis, routing innovative math functions through non-linear circuits with a soldering iron and lots of patience adaptive to musical needs: high as ... as far as the pirate radio antennas have transgressed into web radio-stations the diversity always comes into great shapes when just finding a hidden gem at the corners of the internet, and like the signal through the dial knob or the light through the mechanical shutter of a photo-camera, this website bears a simple, physical concept in mind: musicalhardware.

This randez-vous of stimulants is aimed to shake a bit the props of the emotional intelligence, and open up a temporary window for refreshment, in order to hopefully undust some participative inner layers in a playful manner: in times when the lockdown immobilities are still on high-hills, to set things in motion comes as a necessity of clearing out the unessential: 'whatever.

I would like to dedicate this work to all who got me inspired and gently pushed me forward, who put a warm touch into the chest pocket and an extra cable on the table when mostly needed, to my dad for its handy ways and smiley days, to you the anonymous reader, and to the d>i>y< enthusiasts who find the time&space to make things really happen. A big up as well for the wanderer who arrived here by chance or by getting lost, like a little service station in the informatic desert here please take some time to re-charge some qualities of time at no expense...